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Assistance in setting up and choosing ASIC miners. Help with choosing a mining pool, setting up a wallet and selling cryptocurrencies. Tailor-made mining farm designs, recalculation of farm profitability.


Personal approach


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Miner Repairs

We provide diagnostics and service of non-functional or damaged miners. We also offer professional miner cleaning, which can lead to longer life and lower miner temperatures.

Lifespan extension

Temperature reduction

Professional service

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Rebuy of used ASIC miners

We rebuy used ASIC miners. Miner purchased in our e-shop up to 8 months old. Miners purchased from other retailers up to 6 months old.

Rebuy at fair prices

Choice of payment method

Rebuy without VAT

activity service

We offer you storage of your ASIC miners in our housing located in Slovakia. The premises are ventilated, equipped with dust filters, security system and are under constant surveillance in an enclosed building. If necessary, we offer fast service intervention. Possibility of storing any ASIC miner starting from one unit.

Monthly invoice payments, electricity price of 0.19 € / kWh

Ventilated area with dust filters and safety system

Professional supervision and fast service intervention

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