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MM-PRO GROUP, spol. s r. o.

Malcov 139, 08606, Slovensko

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Why to choose us?
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We ship products directly from Europe, so you do not pay any additional taxes or duties as long as the order is delivered within the EU. Our prices are final, you do not pay VAT. We offer the possibility of a personal meeting, as well as pick-up of goods. Our customer support will answer your questions within a few hours. You can contact us via email, whatsapp, signal or our phone number. We offer professional technical support and post-warranty service of miners in our service center. Fast delivery within the European Union.

What do I need for mining?
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Mining requires equipment suitable for mining (ASIC miner, GPU rig, PC ...), a stable power supply, a stable Internet connection and a suitable environment for the miner. Then you need to set up a wallet and choose a mining pool.

How long does it take to deliver goods?
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We provide free worldwide shipping, but it must be taken into account that outside the EU, the goods may be subject to customs clearance, which the customer must handle by himself. If the miner is in Asian warehouse, delivery to you may take 14-21 days, if the miner is in our European warehouse, delivery may take 3-7 days. Delivery time is indicated for each miner in product details. If you are located outside the EU and need help with custom clearance, please feel free to contact us.

What are your payment terms?
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We accept SEPA bank transfers, credit or debit card payment or cryptocurrency payments - USDC, BTC, ETH and LTC.

Is it possible to meet in person and pick up the goods?
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Yes, please contact us to schedule a personal meeting or pick-up.

Is the listed price for the products final?
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Yes, our prices are final and are not subject to any additional taxes.

Is it possible to pre-order a miner from you?
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Yes, we also offer miners to pre-order.

How does the miner service work?
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If you are interested in servicing your miner, contact us via the contact form and we will inform you about the next steps.

What should I do if the miner breaks during the warranty period?
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In the event that the miner breaks during the warranty period, contact us via the contact form and we will inform you about the next steps.

I want to bulk order
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If you are interested in bulk order, contact us via the contact form or by e-mail and we will create a tailor-made offer for you.

How do I know if the miner is in stock?
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Every miner which you can see on our page is in stock whether it is in Asian warehouse or European warehouse. We update our prices daily and remove miners which are not available.

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